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What is Sumer?

It’s your one-stop solution in grocery shopping! Lightning fast delivery brought right to your door.

What are your delivery hours?

9am-9pm everyday!

Where does Sumer source its products?

Local farms, and local suppliers.

How does Sumer work?

“Is it magic?! 🪄 Not far off! If we deliver to your area that means that we have a local fulfilment centre near you. In the morning, local supplier like butchers, bakers, and grocers delivery their delicious goodies to us. We also buy products from larger suppliers so that we can offer a full range.

When we receive your order, it goes straight to your local fulfilment centre where we pick, pack, and deliver it lightning fast! 🤞

When will my order arrive?

Click "Track Order" on your phone. It will be there lightning fast! Go heat up your oven, when you hear the "Beep", that'll be us ringing the door bell!

How much does a delivery cost?

Our delivery fee is only $1.99 every time! No added costs - whatsoever ever! Doesn’t matter how big or small your order is, we’ll never hike that price.

Where does Sumer deliver?

We currently serve the downtown waterfront area, Scarborough town centre area, and the Morning side area. Please refer to the map on the home page of this website. 

My order took longer than 30 minutes.

We aim to deliver within 30 mins! But unfortunately, it's not a guarantee. Some factors are out of our control like slippery roads or bad traffic. Delivery times can also increase during peak times (evenings and weekends). We're working hard to make it clearer in the app when your order is delayed, but in the meantime, we're grateful for your patience! 🙏

How do I cancel my order?

Keep in mind that if your order is already out for delivery then we may not be able to cancel it for you. 

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