"Making you feel at home no matter where you reside."

The problem is, small grocery store owners don’t have the resources to create their own online distribution channel or outsource this function. International students and immigrants can’t find the ingredients they need to cook what they're familiar with. Sumer is a marketplace for ethnic, independent grocers. We give them a chance to compete in this fierce online industry while providing customers the products they’ve been craving.

Based out of Scarborough, Sumer has been delivering groceries of the highest quality since our first day in business. We ensure continuous variety along with unique limited edition and seasonal items that fit any budget. Check it out. Start shopping today!

The Co-founder's Story

Mohammed Wasif - 4th-year at University of Toronto Scarborough: 

When I first came to Canada for university, my mom spent a week with me to settle me in. She spent the entire week slaving away in the kitchen, making hundreds of kabobs that I could freeze which would last me the entire semester. When she left and I didn’t have anything to eat on several nights during exam season, I ate those kabobs. When I did, I felt at home in a country where I didn’t know anyone.


Jiaye Chen - 4th-year at University of Toronto Scarborough:

I've been an international student in Canada since I was 14. Living in a foreign country by myself wasn’t easy. It took time for me to adapt to the language, the environment, and most importantly, the food. Even now, it’s very hard to find the ingredients and snacks I loved growing up.


That’s why we, the co-founders of Sumer Inc, created a platform to solve the issue. Our mission is to make you feel at home no matter where you reside.